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About Speedwash

New Ownership!

The new owners of Speedwash Laundromat and Water Store acquired ownership in January of 2018 and had made amazing improvements to the Laundry before the fire in September of 2018.  

*A note from the Owner:

Upon acquiring ownership of Speedwash in January of 2018, I wanted to make a great Laundry for the people of Orange & surrounding areas. Unfortunately life took us for an unpleasant spin on September 14th of 2018 and we had to start from scratch.


The New and Improved Speedwash Laundromat is well on it's way!

We will be having our GRAND OPENING in December 2019.

Please follow us on Social Media (links below) for updates as we move closer to our Grand Opening!

The new Speedwash, just like the old, will be large and very family friendly.  We have plans to make better use of our space and will have a dedicated "Kid's Corner" and a new Lounge area!

Cable TV's, Free WiFi, Vending & more!

Larger than most Laundries, Speedwash is over 3,700 Square Feet

Great for easy maneuvering and we will have plenty of folding table space. 

We know laundry is not the most exciting activity of the week but my Team and I will try to make it as easy and quick as possible for you & your family. 

We will also offer several Weekly Specials.

Please stay tuned for more exciting news from Speedwash!

Thank You, 


Amenities will include:

-Large parking lot in front of laundry 

-Additional parking in the rear of building

-Rear door access for easy loading & unloading

-Free Wi-Fi for customers

-Snack and Soda Machines

-Laundry Product Vending Machines 

-Change Machine

-Wide Screen TV's

-Attendants on Duty 

-24 Hour High Tech Security System

*Speedwash provides a Safe & Secure Environment 

Like previously, we will have a Purified Water Station and will provide our Laundry and walk in customers with great deals on their water!

Please stay tuned for details on our Water Store. 

Video Updates.....

Check out our most recent video update on October 7, 2019.

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