**Fluff & Fold Service Still Available! **



Life took us for an unpleasant spin on September 14th, 2018  :(

but....... WE WILL BE BACK!


**We love our customers & we will continue to offer our Fluff & Fold Service** 

We will REBUILD!

Drive Up Fluff & Fold


Everyday Drop Off Hours are between the hours of 7AM - 8AM, 12PM - 1PM and 6PM - 7PM  in the parking lot at 1708 Chapman Avenue.

We will have your clothes ready the next day & pick up hours will be the same.

We'll Be Back!


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Moving along


 Speedwash plans to build a brand new laundry as soon as possible.  

Please follow our Social Media accounts (links below) for updates on our reconstruction story. 

Fluff & Fold Service Still available!

Over 3,700 Sq. Ft!

Large updated Facility

With a total of 48 Washers and 58 Dryers!

Fluff & Fold Service

Check out our Services Tab for details.

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Water Store

Featuring 5 Water Stations 

Purified Water Only $.25 Per Gallon!

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